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Virtual Reality Project - Dalek Game

Last term I participated in a group Virtual Reality project with two friends as part of my degree course. It was open ended as to what we could do, the requirement was that we had to design a 3D avatar, animate it and interact with the program.

We created a game where you controlled an avatar (a Dalek) and steered it around a dynamically generated maze of corridors and rooms. The objective for the player was to find the TARDIS. We chose the Doctor Who theme because we all liked the program, and it meant that the animation could be simplified (humans are far harder to realistically animate than Daleks). It also meant we could have a bit of fun with it - who wouldn't enjoy TARDIS hunting with the Doctor Who theme coming out of the speakers.

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Dalek icons!

These icons are made from the black and white Doctor Who graphic novel "Abslom Daak - Dalek Killer". Hold mouse over the images to see descriptive text.

Abslom Daak
Yarrr! I have something in my eye Ewwwww!

We shall bake cookies! Daleks in Space! We must improve the feng shui of this corridor!

Ouch I can see you... A gun

Oh look! A garden centre! Look at the shadow The Doctor walks into the distance - unaware he has hurt the feelings of that dalek

Teeny-tiny text He's a bit big headed Worship him! Worship him!

These icons are free to use - enjoy!
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Adverts by Jim Henderson before the muppets

Wilkins coffee
From 1957 to 1961 Henderson made 175 adverts for wilkins coffee - each advert is only ten seconds long (with 2 seconds for the shot fothe product) as they had to alsso appear on local stations who had limited advert slots. It starred two muppets "Wilkins" and "Wontkins".

Clip group 1

Clip group 2

Clip group 3

McGarry's sausage
Following the success of the Wilkins coffee adverts, a similar series was created for McGarry's sausages in 1964. They starred Mack and a very early Kermit.

Kermit first appeared on Sam and Friends in 1955, but it only by 1969 that he was officially a frog (due to a puppet redesign where he was given flippers instead of his previous round feet and his pointed collar)
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Art theft!

I have a deviantart account where I store some of my artwork. I have had no problems with this account until recently.

The idividual known as gfoyle took my artwork (the Doctor Who Logo Wallpaper) and merged it with the work of another artist and submitted as a deviation under his own name (here)

Although I appreciated that the artist acknowledged that he used my artwork, I did not apprecicate the fact that he did not ask to do so or notify me afterwards. I only found out when someone favourited both my artwork and his "mashup".

I've sent gfoyle a message asking him to take down the artwork. I am waiting for a reply.