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Adverts by Jim Henderson before the muppets

Wilkins coffee
From 1957 to 1961 Henderson made 175 adverts for wilkins coffee - each advert is only ten seconds long (with 2 seconds for the shot fothe product) as they had to alsso appear on local stations who had limited advert slots. It starred two muppets "Wilkins" and "Wontkins".

Clip group 1

Clip group 2

Clip group 3

McGarry's sausage
Following the success of the Wilkins coffee adverts, a similar series was created for McGarry's sausages in 1964. They starred Mack and a very early Kermit.

Kermit first appeared on Sam and Friends in 1955, but it only by 1969 that he was officially a frog (due to a puppet redesign where he was given flippers instead of his previous round feet and his pointed collar)
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